The Search For Happiness By Benjamin Franklin And Jonathan Edwards

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Oscar Chavez
Professor Hellenbrand
English 473
15 October 2015
The Search For Happiness
As two prominent heroes of the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards mastered the art of religious theology and the sciences. Although their uprisings differed, they shared a drive for success and individual approach. Sharing an interest in similar fields, their ideals of religion and fulfillment became very different, which helped shape their own future endeavors. I will consider Edwards and Franklin to be a few of the last “Do it all” men of the 18th century.
Jonathan Edwards was born on 1703 in East Windsor, Connecticut to a middle class protestant family. Edwards went to school for ministry after graduating from Yale, and unlike Benjamin Franklin, he did live up to his families expectancies and became a well-known preacher at the age of 26. In his Personal Narrative, Edwards speaks on the inner sins that haunt him, and his newfound happiness in God’s grace. He also discusses his progress and devotion to God. At a younger age, Edwards questioned Gods Sovereignty and his nonbelief in predestination led him to further ask how could one man decide another mans faith? “my mind had been wont to be full of objects against the doctrine of God’s sovereignty, in choosing whom He would to eternal life and rejecting whom he pleased; leaving them eternally to perish, and be everlasting tormented in hell” (180). Edwards and Anne Bradstreet both share these puritan conflicts
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