The Search for Love in Jane Eyre Essay

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The Search for Love in Jane Eyre A constant theme throughout Jane Eyre is the search for love. Although this could be shown through many of the novel's key characters, it can most readily be shown in the experiences of Jane Eyre herself. The novel begins with her searching for love and it finally ends with her finding it, for good, in Mr. Rochester. At the novel's opening, Jane is living with the cruel Mrs. Reed and her horrid three children, Eliza, Georgiana, and John. Mrs. Reed makes her distaste for Jane very evident in all of her actions. She forbids her to play with her (Mrs. Reed's) children (Jane's own cousins) and falsely accuses her of being a "liar" and of possessing a "mean spirit." Mrs. Reed's attitude is…show more content…
When Jane is sent to Lowood (an all girl's school), she finds the first true love shown by an adult. Miss Temple, the school's superintendent) treats all of the girls with extreme kindness and gentleness. When the girl's breakfast is burned, she arranges for them to have the luxury of white bread and cheese to make up for it. Also, even while some of the other teachers like Miss Scatcherd and even the school's headmaster, Mr. Brocklehurst, are mean to the girls, she is always there for them with a hug and a smile. When Helen falls deathly ill, Jane sees how motherly and unfaltering Miss Temple is towards Helen. Another character who shows Jane love at Lowood is Helen herself. She is the first person Jane's age who is nice to her. Jane grew up with the Reed children's spiteful actions and attitudes toward her and never experienced a peer's kindness until she met Helen. After Miss Temple leaves Lowood, Jane decides that maybe she should also leave and go elsewhere. She takes a job as Adele Varen's governess. It is here that Jane experiences her first love attraction toward the opposite sex. These attitudes are directed toward Adele's benefactor, Mr. Rochester. He is the first male to show Jane that she truly matters and that she is worthy of another person's true love. They become engaged, but in the middle of their wedding ceremony, due to

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