The Search for My Heritage Essay

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Personal Statement

     Unlike many other kids at the age of seven I had already begun to face the subject of diversity. I learned at a young age that kids can be cruel. It is hard to recall exactly how many nights I prayed that I would wake up with golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I was too young to understand my deep-rooted family history, and why I looked different from many of the other kids at my elementary school. Several years later as a seventh grader, I was still struggling with my appearance.
     I can vividly remember walking into my mother’s kindergarten class one day when I was job shadowing with her and having her introduce me to her class. Naturally, she
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I began asking questions from both my father and grandfather, and I found the information I learned to be both intriguing and inspiring.
     My grandfather on my father’s side was the first one in his family to be born in America. While living in the city of Palomino in Italy in the 1920’s, my great-grandfather Costanza decided that he wanted a better life for his wife and two young girls. As a man of great ambition, he did what he felt was right for his family an without and ounce of reservation he set out for American in search of work . He arrived in America and managed to make enough money to extend the chance of the American dream to his wife and two kids. It was then after my great grandfather returned home, when my great-grandmother became pregnant with my grandfather. Wanting his son to born in the “land of opportunities” ,my grandfather returned to America along with his family where his son was born and his family began a prosperous life.
     I am certain that the journey my great grandparents entailed was not nearly as simple as I am portraying it, however, the courage of my great grandparents is something I respect and admire. Learning about my heritage has aided
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