The Season Of The Nhl Hockey Season

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The entire 2004-2005 NHL Hockey season was on ice, cancelled due to a lockout announced by Commissioner Gary Bettman because the players union would not accept any proposal that included a salary cap during contract negotiations. Could the cancelled season have been prevented? Would there be an agreement for the 2005-2006 NHL season and beyond? If both sides in the negotiations could not reach an agreement and salvage the season, how must the two parties overcome the barriers (Trotschel, Loschelder, Huffmeier, Schwartz, & Gollwitzer, 2011) to end the lockout? A thorough analysis of the terms, barriers and powers delineated throughout the negotiation process will show that a more effective negotiation process would have prevented the cancellation of the 2004-2005 NHL Hockey season. On September 15, 2004, Gary Bettman, representing the interests of the league and team owners, announced that the NHL players were being locked out from participating in the upcoming hockey season (Malhotra & Hout, 2006). Gary Bettman was authorized and empowered by the team owners to declare such a decision in the event the two parties could not come to a contract agreement during negotiations. Bob Goodenow, executive director of the players union, led negotiations on behalf of the players. Though many issues were addressed in negotiations, the primary issue was over salary cap. The owners insisted on a cap on salaries and the players refused to accept any agreement that included a cap.
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