The Second Amendment Of The United States

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The Second Amendment to the Constitution was adopted on December 15, 1791 protects the right for people to “keep and bear arms.” This issue is always a controversial topic not only around election time but becoming more and more a subject for conversation everywhere we go. Gun ownership in the U.S. has a tremendous high rate as well as gun violence. At least 270 million firearms are owned by Americans and found in 47% of homes. In 2015, an estimated 13,286 people were killed by guns and 26,819 injured. When it comes to the workplace, roughly 2 million employees are affected by some form of work place violence and is not always about work. Two-thirds of homicides in the U.S. are a result of personal relationship problems. Moral…show more content…
Employees do have the moral right to park their cars with guns in them as long as they are locked and out of the sight of someone walking by the vehicle to get in to the building. Some employees are leaving late and in the dark to an empty or secluded lot. I can understand the employers concern as well in that people often leave work mad or stressed and this could aggravate a possible assault. NRA Over the last several years there have been disagreements over people’s right to leave firearms locked in their vehicles. This issue began in 2002 in Oklahoma with the Weyerhaeuser corporation fired employees for having their guns on the company property. As a result of this, the Senate passed with a vote of 92-4 prohibiting “any rule or policy” and prohibiting the law-abiding citizens “from transporting and storing firearms in a locked vehicle.” I agree with the NRA that if companies start banning an employee from being able to have their guns in their vehicles would be like a wrecking ball to the Second Amendment. This would nullify my right to protect myself on my commute to and from work. I feel that laws are getting too involved in what companies can and cannot allow and things are becoming too technical. Most gun-related crimes are committed by non-employees. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics only 7% of the crimes are committed by current
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