The Second Amendment

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I agree with the outcome because the authorities did not have enough probable cause to force the suspect into giving up his passwords to the encrypted drives. The District Attorney attempted to circumvent the current laws in order to force decryption of the drives that would have violated the suspect’s rights against self incrimination which would have been a direct violation of the Fifth Amendment. If the authorities already had the same evidence they were asking for it would have served no purpose if the drives were decrypted. If the drives did in fact contain the content that the prosecutor claimed to be on the drives and that information would have been used as evidence against the suspect, so the suspect had every legal right to refuse tho give up the passwords. The fact that the suspect invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in which he refused to provide the drives encryption keys or refused to decrypted content is the sole reason why I agreed with the suspect. I also found what the prosecutor attempted to do to be unethical, if he wanted the information that bad with out having the evidence to support his suspicions, he should have followed the law and granted the suspect total, and unlimited immunity from prosecution. The ruling by the 11th U.S Circuit court of Appeals has had an adverse effect from a forensic standpoint. This ruling seems to have open the door for suspects that are involved in child pornography investigations. Any suspect that has such materials

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