The Second Bakery Attack Short Story

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There are a few different conflicts that takes place in the story “The Second Bakery Attack”. There is internal conflict that the character confides within himself and there are also a few conflicts shown between the protagonist and his spouse. The protagonist seems to keep some secrets from his wife, and doesn’t trust her enough to tell her all his truths, that has happened in his past. It seems to not just be the husband though because the wife also seems to be holding details about her life before they were married back too. That they couldn’t get over so they both had woke up from their sleep at the same time one night at two o’clock in the morning, from a hunger that seemed to be never ending, the two decided to go to see what was to…show more content…
Since they were so hungry they decided to attack a bakery, it wasn’t a big one because they just wanted bread, he said. Then they would do anything to get their hands on some food. He didn’t consider it stealing, instead he thought of it as an exchange. The baker had them listen to a few operas with him, Tannhäuser and The Flying Dutchman, then the baker let them take the bread. The husband seems to of been lazy because he didn’t want to work for what he got he just wanted to take others hard work and effort. The wife had asked so listening to Wagner is not work, then the husband said if the baker had asked him to do the dishes, they would object and fight for the bread. Also, he seemed embarrassed of what he did and his friend who went along with him stealing because he was reluctant to tell his now wife about what he did. He also, did not want to give the whole story about the attack trying to make the excuse they should try to go back to sleep and that there was nothing to tell. He had turned his life around after that attack. He went back to college, started to go to work, and later got married. No more attacks, didn’t do anything like that again, he finally realized he needed to get his life together. That was a lie though, nothing happened because of the attack, but he didn’t want to talk out that with his wife. So, he mentioned
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