The Second Biggest Express Delivery Company

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ShunFeng Express, the second biggest express delivery company in China, mainly provides domestic and international package delivering service in worldwide space. SF promises the customers fast, accurate and safe package delivery, and professional shipping service to increase customer satisfaction. To fulfill the commitment to customers, SF put a lot of efforts into building diverse functional working systems and set up its own distribution network to increase the working efficiency of the entire business chain and enhance the performance of every aspects of its business. In addition, SF has built its own logistic system including distribution centers, business outlets, regional transshipment centers, and transportation supporting groups,…show more content…
Usually, package delivery is simply seen as moving the right package to the right person. But the real shipping process is more complex than that. Especially when customer base and business volume become huge, then dealing with data and managing information flow become challenging and mistakes always happen. And mistakes and ineffective corporation between upstream and downstream divisions would decrease the speed of shipments and finally negatively impact customer satisfaction. The information flow would directly and internally affect the logistic flow and hinder the entire delivery process, because wrong information flow would guide the material flow and the logistics flow to the wrong way. SF realized that information flow is such important to the smooth operation of its whole process. That’s why SF invested heavily into establishing diverse functional information systems, which could definitely decrease the mistakes to ensure the accurate information communication between each link in the whole process. The accuracy of information decides the speed of delivery. Strong information system support makes SF shorten the delivering time to become the fastest deliver with highest customer satisfaction in the marketplace. On the other hand, SF’s optimized information systems enable customers to do timely shipment tracking. It is an important part that is related to customer satisfaction about their shipping experiences. An easy and effective tracking system
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