The Second Biggest Express Delivery Company

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ShunFeng Express, the second biggest express delivery company in China, mainly provides domestic and international package delivering service in worldwide space. SF promises the customers fast, accurate and safe package delivery, and professional shipping service to increase customer satisfaction. To fulfill the commitment to customers, SF put a lot of efforts into building diverse functional working systems and set up its own distribution network to increase the working efficiency of the entire business chain and enhance the performance of every aspects of its business. In addition, SF has built its own logistic system including distribution centers, business outlets, regional transshipment centers, and transportation supporting groups, which covers most of cities and counties in China to support its whole shipping process. However, all of those delivering service systems deeply require the support of data processing and analytics. Besides, today’s business operation relies on information system with strong technic, to control the information flow crossing each level of the entire business model to implement the effective management to create profits. So through information system, SF could easily collect the real-time data and then effectively manage and monitor the distribution across different regions based on the analysis about those data to ensure the quality, security of their service.
In fact, for express shipping company like SF, data processing and analysis play a…
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