The Second Epoch ( 1980 )

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The Second Epoch (1980 – 2000s)
In the second epoch, the emphasis shifted from regulations to coordinating the objectives of the environment with other social and economic priorities, with more attention to human health effects, and to carrying out the environmental policies that were on books, more resourcefully. In a couple of instances, new goals were formed which went beyond the former goals, for example, including dangerous materials and hazardous waste to the environmental policy agenda, the additionally demanding provisions of the Clean Air Act of 1990, and the more prominent acknowledgment of the international and worldwide implications of pollution. However, the pace of enactment and the coverage of sources of pollution- which were newly identified-- slowed considerably in comparison with the first epoch. What changed most particularly was confidence in the philosophy of regulation and firm control by the government.4 It turned out to be clear that legislation alone, could neither direct nor police all organizations and groups all over the country, nor could it bear all the obligation regarding empowering creative reactions to environmental issues. This was not just a response to the growing involvement of the government. Underlying the second epoch was the acknowledgment that considerable advancement had been accomplished in lessening harmful environmental discharges and upgrading protection of resources, in policy if not generally in deed. After over 10 years of…

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