The Second Factor Is All Domains Have A Set Course Of Developing.

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The second factor is all domains have a set course of developing. Teachers should know their grade level(s) development so they understand the skills and abilities they have. The third factor is children develop in a set pattern, but they also have individual differences. Children have a set sequence in which they develop, but certain characteristics are unique to each child, such as their temperament.
The fourth factor is a child’s maturity level and their experiences create development and learning. The article explains learning is social and physical growth and experiences the child gains. It is important for teachers to have high expectations and help every child succeed. The fifth factor is a child’s positive and negative
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Teachers make students motivated by used many teaching strategies. Also by using scaffolding and making sure the challenges are achievable to the student. Lastly, experience shapes motivation to learn. We are not realizing it is more important to focus on, “how,” the student is learning, rather than, “what,” they are learning. Students more eager to learn perform higher in reading a math. A teacher can help motivate students by forming a rapport with them, working with families, and using various teaching methods.
Answer: I believe DAP is an essential component for effective instruction in the early childhood classroom because DAP creates successful teachers and students. Successful teachers are created by using DAP effectively in the classroom and addressing each area specified in the statement. From enhancing the students’ love for learning to forming a rapport with the student and families. By teachers being effective, students are successful by having guidance and being pushed slightly out of their comfort zone.
• Teachers create a caring community of learners by respecting each child by making sure each child understands they are valued and respected. By feeling respected, will respect their peers, which is an important trait to obtain. Teachers also ensure the safety and well-being of all students. Whether this is monitoring them in the classroom or keeping them physically
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