The Second Film Technique Wilson Yip

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The second film technique Wilson Yip uses to bring out Ip Man’s honor is cinematography. Although cinematography might not seem like an obvious way to bring out honor, it does its part by emphasizing the honor already evident through the characterization and mis en scene. Cinematography in the Ip Man movies lets the audience focus on the elements of honor Wilson Yip is trying to convey. If it were not for very specific cinematic techniques used by Yip, most of the honor built up through characterization and mis en scene would be useless because the audience would be unable to focus on it. In the first movie, we can see the benefits of cinematography and editing in the same scene with the northern fighter.3 In this scene, Yip uses the close up shot and point of view shot to not only immerse the audience in the action, but also to help the audience relate Ip Man with honor through an especially expressive viewpoint. Many times after Ip Man hits the northern fighter, there is a flury of close up shots of the northern fighter’s face from Ip Man’s point of view, including one just after he gets hit with a duster. The northern fighter wipes his face and then grimaces in pain. The reaction on his face indicates the ease of which Ip Man is defeating the him. In contrast, Ip Man is relatively unfazed by his competition and keeps a calm and collected expression. Through the sheer number of close up and point of view shots, there is a feeling that Ip Man is winning the fight by a

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