The Second First Day Of School

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The Second First Day of School
My legs felt like jelly as I walked through the school hallway. I kept my eyes trained to the floor, my eyes jumping from one coloured tile to the next. My hands were in the grip of my parents as I walked between them, almost like they were dragging me forward. A lady with short brown hair walked on ahead of us, later I would come to know her as one of the school’s secretaries.
Today was my first day of kindergarten, well second first day of kindergarten. I was starting in October, a whole month after the other kids, since we had recently moved houses, and as a result my sister and I had to move schools from Greystone to Lakeridge.
Soo, too soon for my liking, we reached the kindergarten classroom. The door had a big red apple stuck on it, with the words, “Welcome to Ms. Anderson’s Kindergarten Classroom,”, though at the time, I don’t think I knew how to read so it was most likely a jumble of lines and curves.
The sharp rapt of knuckles on the door pulled me away from studying the sign. A moment passed, then a woman with short white hair, and a wrinkled face opened the door. “Hello, I’m Ms. Anderson!” she greeted us, as she smiled down at me. I felt my anxiety increase at her expectant face, and I immediately hid behind my mom’s legs. The adults all chuckled at my antics. Ms. Anderson laughed and said that they were always a bit shy at first.
Some more words are exchanged by the adults, but I paid it no mind, my attention captured by the
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