The Second Industrial Revolution

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1. The 2nd Industrial Revolution Charts:

The Electrical Industry
Positive effects Negative effects
Makes transport a lot easier It is experience to own
Heating Factories makes fumes
Computers wound not work without it Living is so easy it makes us easy-going, overweight and sluggish

Chemicals and Plastics
Positive effects Negative effects
Plastic is very useful in the building and construction, electronics, packaging, transportation industries. It is a compound that is indestructible, even when it is melted the compound gas that is gives off is very harmful to our health and environment
Plastics are very handy, cheap and reusable Pollution
Chemicals extend shelf life and allow food to be stored longer. Chemicals can cause reactions in people and animals.

The Internal Combustion Engine
Positive effects Negative effects
The automobile would not be possible without it Pollution
Air planes would not possible without it The average person cannot fix it.
It was lighter and cheaper than the stream engine May not last longer than diesel engines

2. From Instructor's notes: First, explain in your own words why people were seeking to replace the steam engine during the 1800s. Then, for the second part of the question, choose either Gottleib Daimler or Rudolf Diesel and explain his contributions to the Second Industrial Revolution in your own words. Of course it should be larger than just one or two sentences.

For the most part, the steam engines were
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