The Second Largest Immigrant Group Coming Into The United States

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Ever since the end of the Vietnam War; Vietnamese immigrants have become the sixth largest immigrant group coming into the United States. Due to factors such as persecution, and government upheaval during the mid-1970’s to the late 1990’s. With three major waves of refugees or immigrants comprise the majority of those coming into the country. With a small, steady flow between each major wave. Even though the first group did have advantages that other immigrant group would not have, they would still struggle to be accepted within the United States. The second group would face an even more difficult time assimilating into the United States. They would consist of refugees that had very little resources compared to the first wave. They did not have access to the same levels of education, or were capable of speaking English like the first wave of immigrants. The third wave would still face difficulties, but had more resources when they arrived in the United States. Many of the immigrants of the third wave consisted of family members of people already here in the United States. They had access to a support system, unlike those that were part of the second wave. Even though they have become part of society, they still face adversity like many other immigrant groups. Ever since the Mid-1970’s the immigrants from Vietnam; have become the sixth largest group to immigrate to the United States right behind Mexico, India, China, Philippines, and El Salvador (Zong and Batalova). When
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