The Second Master Manager That We Have Picked

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The second master manager that we have picked is Philip Clarke. Philip Clarke is a businessman, who has been working with Tesco since the age of 14-year-old as a schoolboy back in 1974; he has experienced firsthand the British supermarket 's transformation into the world 's third biggest retailer behind Carrefour from France and Wal-Mart from the US. One market analyst at Execution Noble, Caroline Gulliver, described him as a “Tesco man through and through, who comes across as very personable, talented and dedicated” (, 2014). He is a man who works from shelf-stacker to CEO and become the master manager. These are the reasons that describe Philip Clarke as a master manager. First of all, as a capable manager you will need to…show more content…
There are only three options for manager to change ranging from structure, technology, to people. Philip Clarke chose to change on the technology. 20 years ago in United States, for example, you will only see sandwich selling in Tesco, but now Tesco provides variety of Sushi as another option to refresh your morning other than the ordinary sandwich. At the meat counter, he had reduced the shouting and screaming on the price; now, they emphasis on delivering quality at that price. Continue to the fish section, he had changed the packaging of the fresh fish. The fish packagings are now all in detail. Information about the fish is all written down on the packaging. Philip Clarke’s intention is to retain their efficiency at the same time get more creativity to Tesco. Moreover, the way manager react to the turbulence environment also includes planning. Planning is utterly important because it helps them to establish strategies to achieve goals, and to integrate and coordinate activities. As a manger, you need to know what kind of strategy is suitable for that particular circumstance. Philip Clarke, for instance, has developed a growth corporate strategy to enter a new market. He came up with the idea to provide different choices of product to customers in Tesco. He mentioned that in food retailing you need to offer more choices to capture customers’ appetites. This is because he strongly believed in order to keep the customers and city happy, you cannot only emphasis on

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