The Second Murder - Original Writing

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The second murder It was later in the night and christopher decided to go outside. The last time we were with christopher he was solving wellington 's murder. But now it’s a little different. It all started Thursday march 10th at 1:30 am. As we know christopher decide to go outside. But what he found would not be at all what he was expecting when he stepped out of his house in a quite superb. To back track Christopher’s mom came back to swindon with christopher, later Mr.Shears followed her there. When he got there Mr.Shears argued with Christopher 's mother. Christopher happened to overhear them. What christopher heard was upsetting to him. He heard Mr.Shears telling his mom that christopher was a useless child and he would never amount to anything and he was more trouble than he was worth. He also wanted Christopher 's mom to come back to london with him. For obvious reasons his mom was upset she even slapped him. Christopher was a little surprised because he thought his mom loved Mr. Shears. This was 3 days ago, since then Mr.Shears has come back to there house 5 times. Each time christopher 's mom has slammed the door. But The 6 time she had enough. All christopher knows is that he heard Mr.Shears talking then he heard them go out the door. This was at 12:00 am and she didn’t come back in till 1:00 am. Of Course this made christopher curious because his mom was never out late. So he he went down to talk to his mom. When he went down stairs his mom was pacing

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