The Second Session I Begin

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The second session I’ll begin by asking Ruth how she’s been feeling for the past week, to which she’ll say she has been feeling sad and confused while struggling with the idea of going back to be a teacher and leaving her family. This allows me to get a sense of what we should talk about during the session. I’ll further ask her to tell me the most important problems that she’s encountered this week, and that she would like my help in figuring out. This further allows me to establish an agenda, which is central to cognitive therapy, as well as establish a link between this session and our last. Ruth would tell me something like, she discovered that her church has it’s own school program and since she has a degree in education, they’ve offered her a job. She tells me that all she can think about is her family being upset with her and thinking that she’s a bad mother. If she takes the job, and her husband and family become upset with her, she could never forgive herself for choosing her job over them. This allows me to add topics to our agenda for the day. After this, I’ll ask her which topics she would like to discuss first, and together we will prioritize all of the topics on our agenda. This allows Ruth to have a say in which issues she would like to discuss, giving her some control over the process. So she tells me that she would really like to talk about the new job offer she got, and the problems that it caused for her.
Now it’s time to discuss that issue. So I ask Ruth…
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