The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir Essay

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What is equality? What is gender? And what is gender equality? Gender equality is a view that men and women should have equal rights or opportunities and not be favored against based on their gender. However, gender has played an important part in the society since the beginning of time. If we look back throughout history, society has placed a serious expectation of what women and men should be like. The debate of gender equality in the society has always been a controversial and divisive topic. Some believe that gender equality is possible, while some likely disagree with it because they think that men are still superior to women no matter what. One of the many things the society can do to combat the belief that men are superior to women is providing higher education for men and women. Education would lead to opportunities, opportunities lead to gender equality, and gender equality leads to a productive society. In the book ‘The Second Sex’, Simone De Beauvoir discusses the struggles that she has to go through as a woman and her criticism about the divided gender in the society. She talks about the facts, myths, and thoughts on those matters. The world has always belonged to men since the beginning of time. “Women’s entire history has been written by men. Just as in America there is no black problem, but a white one, just as ‘anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem, it’s our problem,’ so the problem of woman has always been a problem of men” (Beauvoir 181). This quote
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