The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir Summary

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Many feminists feel women are particularly suppressed to the effects of ideology. The Second Sex was written by Simone De Beauvoir discuss the belief that women are missing their elusive sense of self whereas men are granted it through privilege, an idea essential to describe a social state that reinforces a society structured around the objectification of woman. Though both male and woman are subjected to common ideologies and stereotypes De Beauvoir discusses the influence of social customs ingrained within our actions and behavior. Men's general acceptance of oppression of woman greatly influences criticism and mockery of them. Feminist are fighting to create the equality of an androgynous world install unequal pay, child care, birth control, and abortion, equality in the workplace, a need for political involvement, education, unintelligent, etc.. It’s appalling how socially active a woman has to remain to correct these discriminatory acts. In Simone De Beauvoir's book, The Second Sex discusses a range of beliefs influenced by cultural traditions that objectify, oppressed and illustrate women as inferior that have still not been rectified today. Though women have proven that they can capably discredit their stereotypes their opportunities are still often disregarded as inadequate based on their gender. History has proven time and time over that it is doomed to repeat itself, well, so are the perceptions of women if they are reinforced by ignorance and approached with
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