The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir Summary

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The Second Sex was written by Simone de Beauvoir in 1949. Her introduction “Woman as Other” opens with her discussing how she is not fond of writing about the subject of “women” but she is choosing to because she is defined as a woman and is tired of hearing about the subject. She later in the essay talks about how she disagrees with different pieces written about women, which is another reason she could have decided to write about this subject. At her time of writing this, prominent female figures were scarce, famous writers were mostly men, and some women even wrote under the guise of a man so their work would be accepted. Though this piece was translated from French, the English reader is able to tell that Beauvoir is a very intelligent and well-spoken person; so who better to write a piece about women than her? Simone de Beauvoir’s main argument in this paper is that man and society have defined women as “Other” since humans gained a conscience, and this definition has oppressed and continues to oppress women. She backs this up by offering historical background from various texts, and although her thoughts may seem disorganized, she presents this argument with comparisons to other oppressed peoples as well as examples of how women are treated today. Woman are described in biology as having female genitalia such as a vagina and a uterus.
Beauvoir states this in her essay and then says “[b]ut in speaking of certain women, connoisseurs declare that they are not
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