The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

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“Society, being confined by man, decrees that woman is inferior” (Simone De Beauvoir). De Beauvoir is a very famous feminist theorist who was active during the twentieth century. She wrote many works on politics and social issues and is greatly known for her book “The Second Sex” which was used as a foundation for contemporary feminism. Simone believed that women were oppressed and therefore, made inferior, due to their socially assigned gender roles. If seen through the feminist lens, “The Wars”, a story of a young Canadian soldier during World War I written by Timothy Findley, portrays the female characters in two ways. Due to the gender roles in society, lack of power within the patriarchal system, and attempts to overcome these obstacles, those female characters that fail to breakthrough these roles and conditions succumb to depression, loss, and madness, while those who succeed and able to overcome their assigned roles within the society are led to redemption, strength, and love. While many see war as a male act of violence against other males, Findley reminds the Reader that its effects are far more wide reaching. The entire fabric of the society is altered.

Mrs. Ross was a woman who did not see marriage as a necessity; in fact she refused every offer arranged to get married. Her brother, Monty Miles Raymond, had died by “a wayward trolley [which] left the tracks to strike him down.” (__) at a decently young age followed then by her father, who died of a broken
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