The Second Shift : The Third Shift

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“The Second Shift”

From reading the selection entitled “The Second Shift” Women have pushed forward in the struggle for equality in society. Whether it be in the work field or at home today women are front runners in the professional world. More women are going to college than men as proved in recent studies. Women have outnumbered men on college campuses since 1979, and on graduate school campuses since 1984. More American women than men have received bachelor 's degrees every year since 1982. Even on most campus, the Admissions Offices have received more applications from women for early decision candidacy than men for the eighth straight year. The wage gap is slowly decreasing and the fight for proper day care services along with insurance are passionate issues for women across America. From the outside, it seems we have come a long way. But step closer. Stop looking at the fights we have won and are continuing to fight as measures of our success in both aspects. Look deeper. Look into the everyday life of a working woman today in the United States. What you will find there tells a very different story of a woman 's world today. I know I have as a working mother and coming home to do homework and other household duties as well.

In 2002 the journal "Sex Roles: A Journal of Research" published a study on women and their roles in the family. The study found that "Seven out of ten married parents believe
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