The Second Sino-Japanese War Essay

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Unit 731 and the American Cover-Up

The Second Sino-Japanese war began on July 7th, 1937 and ended on September 9th, 1945. It was a military conflict which was fought between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan. As part of the struggle against fascism, Japan invaded China. It is clear that, due to the restriction of its natural resources, Japan tried to increase by robbing resources from other countries. Japan used the conquered Manchuria as a launching base for their troops. Manchuria was an enormous region that consisted of three provinces- Liaoning in the south, Jilin in the middle and Heilongjiang in the north. In 1905, when Japan defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese war, Russia, which used Manchuria for business and industrial purposes, was forced to surrender its Kwantung leasehold to the Japanese. This leasehold gave Russia the control over Port Arthur, Dairen and much of the Kwantung headland in the southern Liaoning area. Japan was now the foreign main power in Manchuria. The new Japanese masters of southern Manchuria employed different plans to improve both their economic and their political control of the zone.
Although Japan had been one out of the 145 countries who signed the Geneva Protocol, 1925, which banned biological weapons, the Japanese believed they needed to create these weapons to become powerful and feared by other countries in the world. All their hopes came from a man some consider and genius others consider a monster, General Shiro…

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