The Second Sino-Japanese War

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In this war, the Japanese sought out China’s abundance of raw materials and land. The two forces, China and Japan, battled over the control of said materials and most importantly, land. Before this, China was mainly concerned with the civil war (which was on and off until 1950, years after the Second Sino-Japanese war) between nationalists (Kuomintang party lead by Chiang Kai-Shek) and communists (Communist Party of China lead by Mao Zedong). This war also served as an introduction to the Pacific end of World War II.
This conflict began on behalf of the Japanese occupying northern China, more specifically, Manchuria. This occupation began relatively early on, before there was a full-blown war. Both Japan and Russia, as a result of the war between those two powers two decades ago in the early 1900’s, occupied Manchuria. The Japanese’s interest in China seemed to have expanded to be more than just resources but rather total control of the country. They preyed on weak, dismembered China and feared China unifying into a solid nation under the guidance of the Kuomintang party. This boiling mix of tensions and fear lead to what would be known as the Manchurian or Mukden Incident. This incident describes the fright within the Japanese when an unidentified bomb went off on a Japanese railway in Mukden. The Imperial Japanese Army guards in charge of the railway took…
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