The Second Theory Of Time

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The second theory of the relativity of time is used by Robert Zemeckis in the movie Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. Marty travels back in time in the first movie and back to the present time, and then in the second he goes into the future, then the present, then the past. Marty travels through all of these different time periods which become altered every time Marty and Doc travel in time. As they go between different time periods, Marty and Doc encounter different alternate universes that are coexisting. Every time they go into a different year they have to be extremely careful as if they disturb anything they will alter the future course of history. This exemplifies the idea of the second theory of the relativity of…show more content…
all of these occurred in some form. Robert took these events and placed them into the life of one man, making it seem as if humans can go back and manipulate the past to our liking. In this case, he used many special effects to create the reality that we can go back into time and manipulate the past to our liking. While he does not explicitly say this, it can be assumed that he went into the past to recreate it to fit his image of the future. Robert also made the movie Cast Away which uses time in a different fashion than Forrest Gump. In the movie, Chuck survives a plane crash in the middle of the ocean but is assumed to have died as he was not found. The civilized world assumes Chuck has died and has a proper funeral for him. However, Chuck is living on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In the beginning of the movie Chuck is obsessed with time, everything must be on time and everything is run and calculated to the second. For example, Chuck demands all of his employees be on time to the second as he walks around with a stop watch making sure that the employees make the deadline. When he ends up on the island he starts keeping track of time with scratches in the rocks as tally marks. After a year or so of the approximately four years he was on the island, he loses
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