The Second Wave Of Colonization

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Starting with the slave trade, the African continent has been exploited by th st powerful nations of the world for over five hundred years. This exploitation of Africa continued in the late nineteenth century, when the African continent was carved up into colonies at the Berlin Conference with no regard for the people of Africa. This period is known as the “scramble for Africa” and considered by historians to be the first wave of colonization. The European powers who staked their claim to the African continent, not only subjected the African people but they plundered the continent of many of its natural resources. The second wave of colonization occurred in Africa’s history following the African nations claims for independence and their fight to be free of colonial rule. During this time, the countries of African were pawns of the United States and the U.S.S.R. and these battled over control of the African continent and the domination of these powerful countries interfered with the African people’s ability to develop economically. Their debilitating colonial past has ultimately led to extremely high rates of disease, poverty and famine in these African countries. The new scramble for Africa is only the most recent chapter in the plundering of the African continent and is being conducted by the United States, Europe and rising powers like China who are looking to strengthen their grasp on Africa’s oil, its numerous mineral deposits, and the African continent’s other rich
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