The Second Wave Of Judy Brady And The Feminist Movement

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In the 1970’s Judy Brady sparked controversy when her essay, “I Want a Wife” was published. Taking a new look at the role of a wife in a marriage, Brady inspired feminists all over the United States and all over the world. Today, the feminist movement is a worldwide movement that challenges men and women to work together with the ideal end result being gender equality. While Judy Brady definitely influenced the feminist movement, she certainly did not start it. The first wave of the feminist movement occurred in the late 19th century. At this point, women were supposed to be stay-at-home moms with no need for an education or a job. They also were not allowed to vote, which was one of the things that they fought very hard for. In the early 20th century, specifically the 1920s, women were given the right to vote. This time period was known for feminists breaking boundaries because not only were women given the right to vote, but the number of working women increased. While all of these things were changing for the good of women, men were still considered superior. The second wave of feminism was in the late 1960s. This portion of the movement was also known as the Women’s Liberation Movement. During this time, the feminists fought for reproduction rights and also focused on discrimination in the workplace, domestic violence, rape, and abortion. During the third wave, which was in the 1990’s, the feminists focused on sexuality. While society as a whole continues to progress,

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