Essay on The Second World War (WWII)

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     The second world was is the ugliest brutally violent emotionally damaging war ever. Through out this term paper I will use various references to inform you about how the United States wanted to stay out of the dangers of war with powerful ruthless countries. How Americans battled through many conflicts and various attacks, and finally builds up to the mighty United States of America becoming a huge world power.

     The war came about because of the depression. The world powers were struggling, but they still had their natural resources to maintain their way of life. Germany, Italy, and Japan however relied on foreign trade for food and raw materials. If these
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Teddy Roosevelt ordered "freeze" on all Japan holdings and assets in the United States of America and put an immediate stop on all trade.

The next month Saburo Kurusu, arrived in Washington. He appeared to be carrying out peaceful negotiations. It was all a trick, the Japs were not peaceful. On December seven, nineteen hundred and forty one at 7:58 a.m. the United States were caught off guard on their naval base in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. Japanese bombers roared over the base in waves dropping enormous numbers of armor-piercing shells and torpedoes of powerful destruction on bewildered US Pacific fleet's anchored ships.

There were many ships destroyed, the Arizona was bombed, the Oklahoma was drilled on her side by several massive torpedoes, the California, West Virginia, Maryland, and Nevada all felt the incredible destructive power of the kamikaze Japan pilots. The California was struck with a bomb and started on fire and the flames came in contact with the ship source of fuel and exploded due to the horrible acts of the eastern cowards of war.

Our method of lining the entire group of planes wing to wing across the airfield made the planes very vulnerable to the surprise attack. Almost all of the two hundred and three of the air force's planes were wrecked by the first wave of Japanese bombers. When the pilots finally had a chance to try and fly the planes they found that only three could still fly.
Japan's sneak attack catapulted the United

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