The Second of Four Noble Truths Essay

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The Second of Four Noble Truths “ ‘I have sons, I have wealth’: thinking thus the fool is troubled. Indeed, he himself is not his own. How can sons or wealth be his?” The Second of the Four Noble Truths is Samudaya, translated as craving and greed. This is a practice that is completely inescapable of all people. There is no one who does not want, no one who could not think of just one more thing to make him self “happy”. It is the given nature of all people to desire what the do not have, no matter who they are, what they say, or how satisfied they seem. Imagine a man attempting to find inner peace by meditating atop a mountain. He sits there at peace with the beauty of the world around him, feeling harmonious…show more content…
Every time a newer, more expensive BMW hits the market, he is driving it. He is happy with what he has until something better than his belongings comes along. He constantly desires to have the best in order to be happy, and he indulges his cravings easily. I, too, am guilty of all four of the Nutriments stated: kabalinkarahara, phassahara, vinnanahara, and manosancetanahara. These are explained as being necessary for existence but all are traps of cravings and desire. The first, kabalinkarahara, is translated as ordinary material food, which is one of the easiest ruts to fall into when considering greed and craving. If I have a rice cake or a funnel cake sitting in front of me, chances are I’m going to be grabbing the funnel cake. Either one will sustain life, but of course I will be wanting the one which I feel tastes better. The second, phassahara, is contact with the outside world. This is inescapable and influential at the same time. There is never really a time when the outside world does not have an effect on you, whether in a positive or negative way. I personally can turn off my television, radio and computer, kick my roommate out of our room, put away all books and magazines and sit in complete silence to think. However, almost everything that I think about is something that has to do with other people or their reactions to me. “What should

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