The Secret And Its Sequel The Power

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So a little bit about the book and the author. Rhonda Byrne is an Australian television writer and producer, best known for her New Thought books, The Secret and its sequel The Power. At a low point in her life, with her father recently passed away and her business came close to collapse, Rhonda’s daughter had given her a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, a book written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles. When reading this book Rhonda stated that: “Something inside of me had me turn the pages one by one, and I can still remember my tears hitting the pages as I was reading it...” This book changed her life, and it was based on the practice of positive thinking. Over the next few months she implemented those messages into her life with transformative effect. What she did was over a two-month period was traced the message of The Secret through thousands of years, incorporating almost every religion and field of human endeavor throughout history. Almost immediately her life was transformed, as she began to put into practice all she had learned. In the simplest terms, the philosophy of her book, The Secret, is that believing will allow you to achieve your wishes and dreams. The Secret was published in 2006, and by the spring of 2007 it had sold more than 19 million copies in more than 40 languages. In this book, she shares the thoughts of various thinkers and teachers who impart the same wisdom of positive thinking and the law of attraction. This includes some of the
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