The Secret Compartment Of The Room

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Nightburn closed the journal and replaced it in the secret compartment in his desk. He would read more later, but for now he was weary from all the apportation he had performed that day. He pushed his chair back, stood up and walked out onto the balcony. It was late evening and he hadn’t eaten all day and decided he should make an appearance to avoid undue suspicion even if it was late. Washing up, he changed into his usual attire and left his room for the dining hall. Voices drifted down the corridor as he approached the room, although he found most of the tables unoccupied except one near the door where a few members of his personal guard sat and his own. Sara, Balthazar, Kane and Faine sat conversing as he walked over to join…show more content…
Balthazar informed him of his plans to be away for the next few weeks checking on the affairs of other order members as he felt it would assist them with future plans if he knew how the other members viewed Nightburn’s return. Nodding as he ate, the others soon joined in the conversation with some minor matters that had occurred during recruitment of new troops. Even though the servants cleared the table, they still sat for some time finishing their glasses of wine and talking about this and that, nothing of real concern. Relieved that no one had commented on his late arrival, he yawned, only then realizing how truly tired he had become and excused himself and retired to his room, finding a bath drawn with clean towels and the bedding changed. He truly appreciated his service staff at that moment. Stripping off his clothes, he stepped into the bathtub, but took only the time to bathe himself because the bed was so appealing. Having scrubbed off all the dirt from the day, he stepped out, dried himself with the towels left by the servant, dressed in his bed attire, and plopped his tired body into bed. When his head hit the pillow, he was fast asleep. The next morning, Nightburn awoke, eager to find the hidden room, he had read about in his father’s journal, and dressed quickly. Although early, the guards would be changing shifts soon making it easier to get to the north wing unseen. He stepped into the north wing library
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