The Secret Daughter By Shilpa Somaya Gowda

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The Influence of Culture Culture can have a large effect on our daily lives, and can shape our thoughts and behaviors. The society an individual surrounds themselves in influences their decisions. It affects how they perceive themselves, their personal identity and reach their personal life goals. In the novel, The Secret Daughter, Shilpa Somaya Gowda explores the significant impact of social culture on the individual. It is evident through the experience of two women born into two different cultures, Kavita in India and Somer in America, and through the life of Asha, an Indian child adopted into an American home. The author uses these examples to show how different cultures contrast, and change an individual 's thinking and perspectives. A individual born in an Indian family develops their personality according to the culture, and this influences the manner they live and behave. The values and expectations of Indian culture define the unique experiences of women. In the novel, The Secret Daughter, the author makes the effects of the society on the Indian women evident through the struggles Kavita and her family experience. First of all, Kavita is introduced as a poor village woman, who lives with her husband and his family in a rural town in India. Kavita and her husband, Jasu are newlyweds, and try to have children early in their marriage. Unfortunately, Kavita lives in a society that favors males and considers having daughters as a burden to the family. The expectation

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