The Secret History Analysis

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The second oral interpretation assignment I did was much more free in a creative aspect than the first assignment I did, this time I was able to pick the passage from any book and I picked my favorite book, The Secret History by Donna Tartt. This passage was meant to entertain the audience and also convey a message, which was the main purpose of the assignment. In addition to the passage I chose, I also wrote a brief introduction that provided some background information about the book and the overall message the passage was conveying. Overall, after reflecting on the presentation, I came to the conclusion that I did a decent job on this oral communication project but it was not as good as my first presentation. On the subject of speech…show more content…
I think this passage worked well for this assignment because it was interesting in an almost eerie way, with the way Henry's ghost visits Richard in a dream, and entertained the audience and conveyed the message of strong bonds made with friends. However, I think I could have cut out a bit of the extra description in the passage, because it sounded almost boring when looking back and just made my time…show more content…
As a performer I have gained the know.edge of how to write a brief introduction that accurately and correctly sets up a passage and I have also overcome a lot of my really bad stage fright which was when I would play with my hair and fidget while presenting. Two areas I really want to focus on improving are being better prepared and cutting my time. I will do this by practicing a lot more in front of the mirror and in front of my dad for his advice on what to fix at least a week before the presentation, so that I am better prepared. I will also cut my presenting time by cutting out excess words and descriptions. After assessing my presentation, I would give myself an A-, because I did work hard, prepare and tried to improve, which showed in my presentation. Overall I am proud of this presentation and was mostly happy with how it turned
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