The Secret Intelligence Branch Of The Shin Bet

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If there is one thing true about this documentary is the depressing, and pessimistic nature of it. The Shin Bet, Israel’s equivalent of the FBI act as the secret intelligence branch that serves to protect Israel from behind the scenes, and Unseen Shield, if you will. The six ex leaders of the Shin Bet all portray the recent decades of Israel’s undercover militaristic organisation by retelling some of their past actions and experiences. All six tell of their actions, that would shock us uninitiated civilians, with surprising bluntness. One man seems like the typical gentle grandpa wearing suspenders, who is subsequently called a bully and a monster, another younger man is very collected yet obviously troubled by the job. And then there is also Ami the bald gaunt man who likes to quote intellectuals. All speak about the political history of Israel and how they’re work has fundamentally changed them. One of the most important change they face is their entire strategy involving the Palestinian issue. Their tactics need to change from simply removing extremists to diplomatic solutions. At the very beginning of the film the man Yuval Diskin introduces the most thought provoking theme of the documentary, it’s unnatural to have the power to give the word and end a man 's life in an instant. In these moments when a person has to decide between taking the shot and killing a known terrorist and potentially innocent lives around him, or decline and let the man go on to do some

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