The Secret Is Using The Best

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Later that evening, after everyone made their way home, Leona and Johnny sat at the kitchen table. “Those burgers were surprisingly good. Alex and Sebastian were right.” “The secret is using the best meat and seasoning it. When you grill, you really need to season the meat.” He reached over and traced her jawline with the back of his fingers “You really have a sweet voice. It’s a shame you aren’t sharing it with the world.” Leona felt the heat cover her face from his touch. “You always say that.” “You know, I could get you a couple of auditions. I know some people now.” She sat back and studied his face for a moment. “You know people? I thought you were becoming a lawyer?” “I am a lawyer. I passed my bar. Who do you think draws the…show more content…
Y’all have something magical when you play together, you always have.” “You make me believe it when you say it like that.” She reached over and took his hand. “I don’t know what I would ever do if you weren’t in my life. I can’t bear thinking about not having you near me.” “I don’t want to ever think about you not in my life either.” He pulled his hand out from under hers, stood, and went to the fridge. “You want a drink?” “Sure, just some Cran-apple, if you don’t mind.” She studied him as he made their drinks, wondering why he’d pulled away from her. She thought she was reading his signals right. Wasn’t that desire she had seen flash through his eyes earlier tonight? She took a deep breath. “What’s wrong, Johnny?” He sat down, sadness clouding his features. “Let’s not worry about that right now, okay? Let’s just enjoy our time together.” “What’s making you so sad? Can’t you tell me? Was it something I said?” A muscle in his jaw twitched as he forced a smile. “No, you didn’t do anything.” She would let it go for now. The hurt in his eyes killed her because she had put it there. She had to stop this crap and stop it soon or this would be the end of something before they had a chance to start. Did she have the guts to follow her dreams and her heart? She wasn’t sure, but she knew she had to try. He was right when he said she was more excited when she was performing. She felt more alive on stage, adrenaline pouring through her veins, the rush of hitting the
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