The Secret Life Of Bees By Lily Owens

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Case History
Identifying Information Lily Owens represents the main character of The Secret Life of Bees. Lily is a fourteen year old white girl who lives only with her father, T-Ray, and African-American nanny/caregiver and only friend, Rosaleen. Together, they live on a peach farm in South Carolina.
Current Situation / Presenting Problem When Lily was four years old, she accidentally killed Deborah, her mother. Since then, the memory of Deborah haunts her while T. Ray remains resentful and bitter towards her. For her fourteenth birthday, all Lily wanted was to learn about Deborah, but T. Ray says very little. T. Ray is shown to be a bitter and resentful man, never considerate of Lily, and quite abusive. In the film, he is shown to pour grits on the ground and make Lily kneel on them until she bleeds. He punishes her for unreasonable cause and never shows Lily any signs of love or affection. He is constantly taking out his resentment on Lily, the product of his lost love.
When Lily decides that she wanted to escape her troubling relationship with T. Ray learn about her mother in order to understand her own life, she flees with Rosaleen into a small tow called Tiburon in South Carolina. There, she discovers a world where her mother used to live for a short while in the past.
Family of Origin History Deborah and T. Ray were very much in love with each other before Lily. August Boatwright stated that T. Ray was not always this bitter, until Lily accidentally killed…
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