The Secret Life Of Bees By Suzanne Collins

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One minute, sixty seconds. Most consider that to be a minuscule amount of time and not much more than just that measurement considering the amount of minutes that pass by in each day, never mind in a lifetime. However, in a minutes time one 's life can be entirely changed, for the better or for the worse. Through living life each day humans make choices they do not even realize, constantly people chose who to smile at, what to say to their friends and coworkers, what to eat for dinner, what pair of pajamas they will wear, these choices are second nature and the individual often does not put much thought into what these choices could influence in the future. Nonetheless, there are also decisions that take considerable amounts of thought…show more content…
Throughout these three novels the main characters are presented with life altering decisions in which they refer back to their family, whomever that may be, it does not have to be biological, in pursuit of hope and security exemplifying that family can serve as one 's moral compass during times of need. Often times in today’s world the phrase “I have lost all hope” is used lightly however, in times of oppression, as the main characters of the three novels are in, loosing hope is a mind crippling fear as the character know once this happens they can easily slip into a forever lasting hole of no hope which in specific situations can have major consequences or even result in death. In order to continue to find hope characters often turn to their families as they would not want to either disappoint or harm the ones they love. Within The Hunger Games Katniss finds herself slipping into the mindset that she cannot win and should just give up as there is no point. She quickly recognizes however, that this will not help her family or anyone in District 12 and the continues to uses them as motivation to persevere through the games. Katniss states shortly after she regains consciousness after being burned in the fire that Panem had created

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