The Secret Life Of Bees

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Title of Novel: The Secret Life of Bees Author: Sue Monk Kidd Year Written: November 8, 2001 Author’s Nationality: American Type of Novel: Bildungsroman and/or Historical Fiction Setting of Novel: The Secret Life of Bees took place in the 1960s in Sylvan, South Carolina Protagonist: Lily Melissa Owens Antagonist: Terence (T. Ray) Brief Plot Summary: Lily Melissa Owens, a fourteen-year-old white girl, lives on a peach farm with her father, T. Ray, who is both neglectful and abusive. Lily has a guilty secret, She believes she shot and killed her mother, Deborah, when she was younger, because of a pesky memory of what she thinks was the day she killed her mother. Lily has a housekeeper named Rosaleen, who has cared for Lily for years. When Rosaleen watches President Johnson sign the Civil Rights Act on television, she decides she will register to vote. On the way to register they run into some trouble that winds Rosaleen in jail. When T. Ray comes to pick Lily up from the police station, he is angry, and yells at her for such stupid behavior. Once home, Lily stands up to her father during an argument, and T. Ray hurts her by saying that ten years ago her mother was only coming back to get her clothes, and that she had planned to abandon Lily. But Lily isn 't sure if she believes her father, and she plans to escape, leaving behind her abusive father and finding a way to free Rosaleen. When T. Ray is away, Lily sneaks away, carrying with her a bag of things her mother

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