The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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To begin this essay, I’ll start with some critical thinking about “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, before I transition to my comparison of “On the Surface”. One admirable component of this story written by James Thurber in the year 1939, is his sharply observed, usually ironic, small details of human action that reveals distinct perspectives of the character’s personality. The back and forth construction of the story was used to illustrate the protagonist’s realm of thought, however it ends up creating an almost imperceptible observation. An example of such observations could be Mitty racing their vehicle, after being instructed from his wife that he has to have overshoes simply because “he is no longer a young man.” A response that illuminates Mitty’s furtive character. Another observation would be Mitty’s actions after being ordered by an officer to “Pick it up, brother” at a stop light that has changed. Mitty initially is ordered to put his gloves on in their car, by his wife, but then removed them after he had gained enough distance, and thus now Mitty has felt the need to equip himself with his gloves. Which gives us the slight frame of reference that he ranks his spouse equivalent to the officer in terms of authoritarian individuals, who he had been defiant towards in regards to his gage. Though simply instructed to proceed considering the stop light had changed. Mitty’s instinct prompts him to correct all of his unwarranted misbehaviors. Mitty’s obstructed
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