The Secret Military Installation On The Planet

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Cover ups, whether of the government actions or secret plans or personal grudges most certainly end up being revealed in time. Conspiracy on any level seeks to hide actions on the part of individuals who perceive their importance greater than that of others. Historically, conspiracies associated with the United States government cause citizens to question their elected leaders. Broken trust requires many months and years to rebuild, if ever it can be. “Less than one hundred miles from Las Vegas, Nevada is the most famous secret military installation on the planet” (“Area”). “The actual area cannot be found on most maps, at least not those accessible to the public” (“Brannan”). “There are several theories about how Area 51 got its…show more content…
Robert Lazar said the government has possession of at least nine alien spacecraft at a base called S-4, which is not far from Groom Lake” (“Area”).
“Early in the morning of June 17, 1972, several burglars were arrested inside the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), located in the Watergate building in Washington, D.C.” (“Watergate Scandal”). “The first White House reaction was to publicly downplay the whole affair” (Cohen 33). ““...The prowlers were connected to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign, and they had been caught while attempting to wiretap phones and steal secret documents” (“Watergate Scandal”).
“While historians are not sure whether Nixon knew about the Watergate espionage operation before it happened, he took steps to cover it up afterwards, raising “hush money” for the burglars trying to stop the FBI from investigating the crime, destroying evidence and firing uncooperative staff members” (“Watergate Scandal”). “He [Nixon] went on national television and declared he had done nothing wrong” (Cohen 17-18). “The seven men charged with the Watergate burglary went on trial January 8, 1973” (Cohen 35). “ McCord - one of the seven men - stated that members of his family had expressed fear for his life if he told what he knew and that he did not feel confident talking to the FBI” (Cohen 37).
“There was,
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