The Secret Of My Success

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Faith Integration James Tompkins, Alisa Ewald, Phoenix Peeler Liberty University George Washington Carver was once quoted as saying: “The secret of my success? It is simple. It is found in the Bible.” This simple statement should encourage Christians to seek God’s guidance through the Bible in all aspects of their lives. This essay examines how biblical principles can be incorporated into the financial topic of return on investment. The three sections in this paper will help the Christian and investor understand how communication influences returns, how to maximize both financial and heavenly returns, and how to view returns on material investments with an eternal mentality. Communication Influences Returns The relationship between investors and financial managers is an essential component in the investment process. Both parties must engage in a series of communication exchanges and activities in order for investing opportunities to be created and maintained over a period of time. When considering the importance of relationship building in business it is clear that firms would not exist without investors and other stakeholders that provide the financial support needed to survive. Just as Christians would not survive without the love and protection of God. That is why investors should take the time to get to know the firms they invest in. Financial managers are responsible for accessing the financial health of their firms to determine what type of financing options,
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