The Secret Service Essay

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The Secret Service was created in 1865 as a federal law enforcement agency within the Treasury Department. It derives its legal authority from Title 18, United States Code, Section 3056. It was established for the express purpose of stopping counterfeiting operations which had sprung up in this country following the introduction of paper currency during the Civil War (Treasury, 2002, Online). The Secret Service maintains its role as guardian of the integrity of our currency, but today also investigates crimes involving United States securities, coinage, other government issues, credit and debit card fraud, and electronic funds transfer fraud. The most obvious of its other activities is executive protection, which began after the…show more content…
Johnson (1963-1969) authorized the Secret Service to protect all Presidential candidates.
Over the years, the Secret Service’s function has continued to change and grow. Its functions include:
• Protecting the President and Vice President and their families, candidates for those offices, former Presidents and their families, and visiting heads of foreign states and governments;
• Enforcing laws against counterfeiting currency, coins, or securities of the United States;
• Enforcing laws against fraud or forgery of Government checks or bonds, and other securities and obligations of the United States;
• Investigating credit and debit card fraud, computer fraud, and electronic fund transfer fraud;
• Furnishing physical security for the White House, the Main Treasury Building, and foreign embassies and missions in Washington, New York and other cities. (Treasury, 2002, Online).
These functions are directly reflected, below, in their mission statement and fall into two distinct categories – the investigative mission and the protective mission.
The United States Secret Service is mandated by statute and executive order to carry out two
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