The Secret To Raising Smart Children Analysis

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Rey Valerio
21 Sep. 2016
Illusions of Success For years now, many students have thought “How do I grow up too be successful?” but the truth here is that the people asking this, don't know what success really means to them. Accomplishment can be defined in a variety of ways, such as the amount of money a person makes, how happy an individual is by themselves, or even achieving in the simple things in life. You can, however, gain the characteristics needed to be successful in the future, for example, patience, determination, and a straight mindset. Accidental effects can also come into play, for instance dumb luck that can happen to anybody and the wealth gap between the person or the school they attend. These are just three of the most important traits a scholar must have in order to get somewhere in their future of education and in life down the path they may take.
In the short article “Don't Eat the Marshmallow” by Joachim de Posada, it tells an experiment that was done to a group of four-year old’s both in The United States and Colombia. The observations were done to these kids, involved a
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In the short article, “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids,” by Carol S. Dweck tells how an intelligent young boy was always praised for easily understanding the material in elementary school by passing with nothing but A’s all the way through. This only lasted until then because once he got into middle school, Jonathan perceived that everything was a lot harder than it was before like in elementary. So as a consequence, his grades and motivation went down. “Our society worships talent, and many people assume that possessing superior intelligence or ability-along with confidence in that Ability-Is a recipe for success.” (Dweck) One thinking like this will not only fail at what they're doing, but also be in fear to any new challenges that may
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