The Secret War And How It Affected The Hmong People

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The Secret War and how it affected the Hmong people.
At the end of my speech, my audience will get a better sense of what the Secret War was and how it affected the Hmong people.
Just by the name itself, it can already be implied to what the “Secret War” was. It was a war that was kept as a secret from the public, and by public, I mean the American public. Many of you may wonder what exactly is the secret war, and I will explain that throughout my speech. But before I continue to explain the details of what it was and when it took place, it is also important to introduce the group of people who I will be talking about throughout my speech and how they were affected by this war, and that group of people is the Hmong people.
Although many people may not be aware of the Secret War, it was a war that greatly affected the Hmong people and changed their lives forever.
Today I will be discussing about what the Secret War was, and how the Hmong people were involved with it and how it affected them.
[Transition: Before I get into details about how this war affected the Hmong people, it is important to explain what the Secret War was and who are the Hmong people that were affected by it.]
I. Information about the Secret War
A. When it began and who were involved.
1. The Secret war was happening during the Vietnam War, which I’m assuming everybody has heard of before, and it took place in Laos.
2. It started in…
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