The Secret of Outliers Essay

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The outliers I have grown up hearing about include Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. These people, just like any other extremely successful people, work harder than everybody else to be to where they are. Also, they are willing to fail, because they know that in order to succeed they must learn from their failures. Clearly, to become extremely successful a person has to have that burning passion for what he or she does, has to do more than what is required, and has to be talented. Talent alone is not enough to become the world’s next billionaire. Talent, preparation, opportunity, and connections are needed to become an outlier. In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell shows just how equally important luck and opportunity is to…show more content…
It was perfect timing for them to be immensely successful people. But just because a person is born in a certain time period doesn’t mean they are going to be successful. Thousands of people were born during that time period, but only a handful of them are talented. Gladwell showed that talent isn’t just in academics when he stated, “IQ is a measure, to some degree, of innate ability. But social savvy is knowledge. It’s a set of skills that have to be learned” (Gladwell 102). To be successful aptitude is required, but what is equally important is social skills. If a person can’t effectively communicate, that person is never going to be successful. Bill Gates was an average C student. He dropped out of college, but still managed to be a billionaire. How? He had social knowledge and could communicate with others. One of the major reasons he was successful was because he was social, he had many connections. Those connections were the difference between him being an average entrepreneur and him being the person he is today. If he didn’t have connections, he would never have been able to work with computers or would not have been as knowledgeable about computers by the time he dropped out of college. Without the fundamental knowledge given by his connections, Gates would not be an extremely successful businessman.
Another factor that separates the successful from unsuccessful is preparation. Throughout
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