The Secret of the Wild Child Essay

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Taylor Tai Sociology 101 Tabetha Mowrey 22/Feb/2012 Film analyses: “Genie: The secret of the Wild Children” Genie is a wild child who found in LA on 1970, she is a very extreme case of neglected the caretaking from adult. Her father believed she is retarder She spent her first thirteen years on tiding at the potty chair and still wearing diaper, she had never see, listen, being taught of anything in her life. For the past many years she had been isolation and lack of adult care make her the way she is right now. According to the George Hebert Mead’s integrationist theory; Mead (1934, 1964a). During the preparation stage, child had no self-present, however, they imitates the action of others, for example; when…show more content…
She tends to be good at the vocabulary of colors and the adjectives, but for some reasons why she have a problem to build up simple sentences without grammatical problem. “We have language is out gene, we have language because of nature, not just nurture” said Chomsky. Genie’s father believed that she is mentally retarder, but I don’t think the same as he did. I can see Genie had a process in learning and the understanding in human speech; it might not be optimism, at least she is in a process, and that means she is capable to learn, doesn’t mean she is retarder. In my opinion I considered this case as exploitation for several reasons. First, as we all know Genie is a very special person; she is nothing different between a babies, her mental is very week and know nothing about the world. I believe the physiologist should not be contempt the harm of the separation, Genie had been isolated for almost thirteen years. There must be a certain difficulties for her to rely on people that she meets, however, they never thought of the result of what would she become without their big invest on her. The psychologist and linguistic abusive to use the power on the research of Genie. While the National Institute of Mental Health funding the project all the professional still have the passion of it; but then the institution cut off the funding, the psychologist, scientists and linguistic relatively failed her. This proof that they only treated
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