The Secret to Effective Communication

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Everyone tries to be excellent communicators, but sometimes people fail to receive the correct message. The term ‘communication’ originates from the Latin word communicare, which means to share or impart. Actually, communication is a process that engages at least two people between sender and receiver. Communication plays an important role in establishing ideas, needs and concerns later to start a common understanding between the sender and receiver. Few studies have been done on the topic of communication and prove that almost 70 to 80% of every individual’s time is spent on communication. According to Management Training & Development (MTD) (2010), communication is defined as an “art and the process of creating and sharing ideas” (p. 9). There are four stages to ensure the communication process flows effectively: sender expresses the message, message is transmitted through the medium, and the recipient interprets the message and recipient returns feedback to the sender (Finkelstein, 2002) (see Figure 1 in Appendix 1).
The first stage in the communication process begins when the sender has an idea. Sender refers to the person who starts a communication. Sender first chooses the right type of message, which is the information that a sender wants to express. Then, the sender carefully design message by selecting words that clearly express the message and decide what kind of channel…

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