The Secretary Of The Natural Resources Agency And Salton Sea Restoration Efforts

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Introduction: The main objectives of this bill would require the Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency and Salton Sea Authority to lead Salton Sea restoration efforts. It will create planning, technical advisory group, study groups, and any form of aid the help for the Salton Sea restoration efforts. The bill would declare that all efforts will be declared effected immediately as an urgency matter. Just a few objectives that this bill would like to be successful are “(1) protect water quality, (2) maintain the Salton Sea as a vital link along the Pacific Flyway, (3) minimize noxious odors and other water and air quality problems, and (4) Permanently protect fish and wildlife that are dependent on the Salton Sea ecosystem” (Pérez, 2012). Although the bill has great intent for Salton Sea and has been very useful for its recovery, the Salton Sea still faces possibility that it will dry up.
Back Ground: On March 10, 2011 assembly bill No. 1410 was introduced. This bill was put into action quickly and amended twice on April 25, 2011 and August 24, 2012. The problem originated in the 1900s when people were settling from the gold rush. During that time a massive flood was caused by the engineers of the California Development Company. The idea was to bring water to the desert. The California Development Company thought it could bring water from the Colorado River to the new settlement. Everything went as planned, water was now available in one of the driest areas in

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