The Secrets Behind Modern Food

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The Secrets Behind Modern Food As we all know, food is necessary for survival. The food many of us eat today is so unhealthy that our grandparents laugh in the face of our plastic-wrapped, and genetically modified fruit and vegetables. Food is changing every day from the healthy food our grandparents remember to the processed junk that is made in environment-killing factories. Whether in a restaurant or convenient store, healthy foods are no longer popular, people would rather eat the greasy processed food that happens to be cheaper. This essay will discuss the serious issues that come with modern food processing, such as obesity relating to cost of healthy foods and who has the power to fix these problems. Technology has made physical activity disappear from a person’s daily schedule. Not only has it effected our active lives, but also changed the ways of creating food and advertising it to the people. This technology is destroying us while it is helping food markets and companies. New technology makes getting food easier for us, while making us lazy to the point where we do not even need to leave the comfort of our own home to order out. These materials that people find so comforting are the ones that are killing them. In a viral video making its way across the Internet, the size of chickens from 1970 are shown comparing them to today’s chickens injected with artificial fat. The demand for white meat has risen dramatically and because of this demand, the government
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