The Secrets of Cross-Promotion: Article Analysis

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Introduction In the article, The secrets of cross-promotion (Gruner, 1997) several excellent points are made with regard to the planning, execution, evaluation and modification of cross-promotional campaigns and programs. The author defines how cross-promotional strategies can lead to greater synergistic effects on reaching a broader market while also driving greater levels of awareness, interest, desire and action on the part of prospects. There is also an example of a promotional program which went awry and led to the sponsoring company having to pay for entrants' stamps and postage in states they had originally not planned on having the contest in. The key lessons learned from the article concentrate on making the most of shared synergies and strength of companies when they market together. The second article, Outsourcing Marketing (McGovern, Quelch, 2005) defines promotional strategies as part of a broader strategy for pricing optimization and creating a scalable multichannel promotional strategy across print and online media. Combined, both articles illustrate how promotion is a critical catalyst across all advertising, marketing and selling strategies. Promotion Overview Promotion acts as the catalyst to drive upper-funnel activity to gain the interest, action, trial and eventual loyalty of prospective customers (McGovern, Quelch, 2005). The essence of promotional strategies center on communicating with prospective customers through the channels they most often

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